Frequently Asked Questions

BOLT Recharge is your number 1 bill payment APP. It’s an APP that enables you get airtime & mobile Data for any network, Pay Electricity bills, Pay for cable TV subscriptions & Many more services to be embedded into the system.

An app that provides you with fast & seamless bill payment from your comfort anywhere, anytime.

To become a member is fast & easy. Click {Register} and fill the form with appropriate information to become a user on BOLTRecharge.

BOLT Recharge is built to reward your loyalty by giving you commission on payments that you make on the platform. The commission is a percentage of what you pay for on the App. Example: {If you purchase a GLO recharge card of 1000 naira. You are entitled to up to 7% commission of the amount. Therefore you get 70 naira as commission for 1000 GLO recharge.}

You can perform any transaction with your commission. Note, you will even receive commission for using your commission to make purchase. So with BOLT Recharge you make gain over gain.

A user is allowed to transact on the platform, make payment for services and also get little commission. A vendor is someone assumed to be using the platform for business purposes, a vendor is entitled to higher commission, reduced amount on services with fixed price and also referral bonus up to two generations.

To become a vendor, you need to pay the activation fee by selecting any of our available vendor package (MINI – N2,500; MIDI – N5,000; Super vendor – N10,000) – The higher your package, the higher you earn and your account will be activated as a vendor account. You will have a referral code once your account is activated as a vendor.

When you refer someone, you make 20% of the amount the person paid to activate as a vendor. Also if the person you referred refer someone, you make 10% of what the new vendor paid.

As a vendor, you are allowed to refer as many people as possible. You automatically get your referral bonus immediately they activate as vendors.

Funding your account is very easy. You can either pay with your card using the payment gateway or you can transfer to our bank account and you will be credited accordingly.

You don’t have to wait a blink as all services are immediate and automated. Once your account/wallet has been debited on the platform, you or your customer will get value immediately. Every transaction is sent to service provider and your account is funded automatically.

As a vendor, you have numerous advantages over a user. Once you are a vendor, you have higher commission to services, allow access to some services that users have no access to and also, you earn higher referral bonus from your downlines.